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Two           Sisters
Small Batch, Handcrafted, Artisan Soap

No Dyes. No Synthetics. Just Soap.
Pure and Simple!
Soaps & Sundries
Herbs & Sundries
Herbs and Bodycare Products
for the true naturalist.

No Dyes or Synthetics.
All Herbs are Grown Pesticide-Free
Umpqua, Oregon
Clermont, Florida
We understand that not everyone is as deeply entrenched into soapmaking as we are.  To help you better understand our soap and us, we have compiled a list of the questions we hear most often, along with a few that we were surprised haven't made it to the list.  If you don't see an answer to your particular question, email or call us. We are always happy to help!

To see our detailed answers, please click on the question. The link will open in a new window.
Frequently Asked Questions About Our Soap
- and maybe a few that haven't been asked yet
If you are interested in more in-depth information, please click on any of the papers below to learn about specific topics we have discussed. If you would like to suggest a topic for discussion, email us!
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Information Papers
Questions about Homemade Soap, Terminology and Ingredients:

Q:  What is in your soap?

Q:  Is your soap Glycerin?

Q:  What is the difference between "Natural" and "Synthetic"? 

Q:  What does "Superfatty" soap mean?

Q:  What is the difference between "Vegan" and "Vegetarian" in your soaps?

Q:  I'm a pretty smart person, but I have no clue what some of the words you are using mean.  Do you have a cheatsheet of terms used in soapmaking?

Questions about Allergies, Skin Sensitivites, and Fragrances:

Q:  I have senstitive skin and/or allergies to fragrances.  Can I use your soap?

Q:  I'm really interested in trying your soap, but I've tried other natural products before and had problems. Do you offer samples?

Q:  I really like the scent of 'Cucumber Melon', 'Lily of the Valley', 
Violets', etc. Will you ever make a soap with that scent?

General Questions

Q: How long does a bar of your soap last? What can I do to make my soap bar last longer?

Q:  Can I use your soap to wash my hair?

Q:  How are your orders shipped?

​Q:  How long have you been making soap?

Q:  Can I use your soap on my pets?
Two Sister's Natural Soap, Inc.® 
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